• Bronze - Cannes Lions
  • Gold - Advertising & Design Club of Canada
  • Gold - Toronto Marketing Awards
  • 30 under 30 - Infopresse Magazine
  • Exceptional Talent Migrant - Arts Council England

Nice to meet you!

I'm Charles, a film director hailing from the huge megalopolis known as Quebec City, Canada. Although I enjoy filmmaking as a whole, most people ring me up when they're in need of something funny and absurd, so I've specialized in humour and comedy directing throughout my career, and won a bunch of awards for it.

I've also got quite a lot of Vogue credits to my name, earned through my several fashion films that were screened at over 25 international festivals.

Those accolades are quite flattering for the ego, but what I'm most proud of is my collection of stamps (passport ones, not those things we stick on letters) acquired while working around the globe. Over the years, I've felt right at home on every film set, regardless of where I am in the world, whether it's the UK, Ukraine, the U.S. or Portugal.

There. That's a year's worth of boasting for an introvert like me. I'm gonna go lie down now.